Over 100 New Cases of Covid-19 Signals Critical Point in Greece

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Alberto Giuliani

Health authorities have recently announced 110 new cases of Covid-19 in Greece, with the country now entering a critical turning point in trying to stop the spread of the virus.

According to a report released by Greece’s National Public Health Organization, the current count has now reached 4,587. Regarding the newer cases, 9 were discovered at the country’s border gates during routine checks as instructed by health protocols.

The report further specifies that 27.9 percent of cases (1,280) are considered to be related to travel from abroad while 49.1 percent (2,252) have to do with already known cases. No new deaths have been reported by officials, keeping the official amount at 206.

While Thessaloniki and Athens are considered major hotspots for Covid-19, the NPHO has also mobilized in response to the sudden discovery of 24 new cases in the region of Kavala.

Employees from a meat processing company within the municipality of Paggaio are said to have contracted the virus, with health officials placing them under house arrest while administering a total of 140 diagnostic tests to everyone in the company to be sure.

President of the Medical Association of Kavala Anastasia Antoniou-Pougoura expressed her satisfaction with the NPHO, saying that “It is important that the tests and tracing started very early in an effort to prevent further spread of the virus.”

In midst of the recent spikes in cases, authorities remain on high alert – checking that measures are fully implemented while making sure that residents adhere to protocol.