Greek Island Under Curfew After Alarming Spike in Covid-19 Cases

Poros Island, Greece. Photo: Wikipedia

Greece’s Citizen Protection Ministry and the national health authorities have decided to impose a strict curfew on Poros island after 18 people were found to be infected by the novel coronavirus.

Poros is the first area in Greece where a local curfew has been imposed after the concerning rise in Covid-19 cases nationally in the past ten days.

The new order stipulates that all restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafes on Poros must remain closed from 11 pm until 7 am.

All social and religious events and activities such as fairs, farmers markets, private parties and so on are suspended as of today.

Gatherings of over nine people for any reason, both in public and in private, are prohibited.

Only groups of four people — six if they are first-degree relatives — are allowed in restaurants and tavernas.

It is now mandatory to wear a mask throughout the island, both outdoors and indoors.

Island residents are not allowed to go in person to municipal services and all their inquiries and requests are to be sent exclusively online.

According to Greece’s General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the new, much stricter measures will apply until 6 am on August 17.

On Friday, members of the National Transparency Authority (EAD) and a 10-member special unit of the Hellenic Police (EL.AS) arrived on the island to check that citizens are indeed complying with the measures.

The Ministry of Finance is working on a formula so that businesses that will be affected by the curfew will be compensated.

Local reports say that the sudden spike in the number of infections may be attributed to a large pool party in which a number of local young people were in attendance.

Poros residents say that the youths may have transmitted the coronavirus to their families.