Half of This Year’s Peach and Nectarine Crop in Greece Destroyed by Storm Thalia

Half of this year’s harvest of peaches and nectarines was destroyed by the severe storm dubbed “Thalia” which swept through the area on Wednesday afternoon, Nikos Koutliabas, the head of the agricultural cooperative in Velvendo in the Kozani region, announced on Thursday.

The major fruit-growing area in the valley from Velvendo to Servia in northern Greece lost 50 percent of their entire crop this year, he said, due to not only the heavy rain but the hail storms as well which the monster storm produced.

“Of the 6,000 stremmas (1,482 acres) of peaches and nectarines that were hit by the storm — out of a total of 12,000 stremmas (2,965 acres) in the area — the greater part is completely destroyed,” he said, since only a few producers had managed to collect their fruit while others lost their entire crops.

There are about 400 such fruit producers in the area, bringing to market an average annual production of 20 million kilograms (44,092,452 pounds) of peaches and nectarines. The average cost of production of the fruit per stremma (one-quarter of an acre) is approximately 1,000 euros.

With information from AMNA