The Most Private Beach in Greece

The hideaway of Appagio, Cape Maleas, Greece. Photo: Youtube

Greece is full of wonderful beaches, from long sandy ones packed with sun worshippers to small coves that form little natural sanctuaries away from the rest of the world. One of the most special examples of the latter is Appagio in Cape Maleas.

Cape Maleas on the Peloponnesian peninsula belongs to the Monemvasia Municipality and the Laconia Prefecture. It is known for the fierce winds that lash the peninsula.

Yet, there is a small, hidden beach that is always protected by the severe winds of Cape Maleas which offers unparalleled peace and quiet as well.

Appagio is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and the most “private.” It is actually a deep and narrow natural fjord cut into the rock, at the bottom of which there is white sand with warm turquoise waters.

Around the beach and under the rocks that tower above it, there are numerous habitable caves, reminiscent of Matala in Crete, making Appagio a turquoise-hued sanctuary from the bustle of the outside world.