Seventeen Infected Migrants and Refugees Arrive on Lesvos, Placed into Quarantine

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Seventeen out of the 38 migrants and refugees who arrived on the shores of the Plomari area on the Greek island of Lesvos on August 4 were found to be infected by the coronavirus  and have been put in quarantine.

As announced by the Municipality of Mytilene, the 17 people who are show symptoms of Covid-19 will remain in isolation in the quarantine structure in the hospitality area of ​​Kara Tepe for 14 days, when they will be re-tested.

Two other boats carrying migrants had arrived on August 1. Another, with 32 passengers arrived on the night of August 3rd in the area of ​​Mystegna and yet still another, carrying 48 refugees and migrants, arrived on Saturday, August 8 on a beach in northeastern Lesvos.

As a precaution, all new arrivals are being held in isolation either in the Kara Tepe hospitality facility or in the corresponding facility in Megala Therma in northern Lesvos, as a precautionary measure against the spreading of the coronavirus.

Source: ANA-MPA