Turkish Oil Exploration Vessel Arrives on Continental Shelf; Unable to Conduct Research

Turkish oil and gas exploration vessel the Oruc Reis. File Photo

According to Greek media reports, the Turkish oil and gas exploration vessel Oruc Reis has arrived, as expected, in the waters above the continental shelf of Greece near Kastellorizo, an island archipelago near the coast of Turkey.

However, after putting down the cables which are used to conduct its underground sonar research, the vessel was unable to proceed with its intended work because the noise generated by the ships belonging to the Greek Navy made it impossible to hear the sonar pings.

These sounds are interpreted carefully in order to discover undersea formations which might contain oil.

The Greek Navy has a number of ships nearby and is currently monitoring every movement made by the Turkish vessel.

Every fifteen minutes now, according to reports, the Greek Navy is broadcasting messages to the Oruc Reis requesting that the Turkish vessel move away from the area.