Greece Declares State of Emergency in Evia, Thessaloniki Due to Storm Thalia

Greek Reporter Photo

The Greek government has declared a state of emergency on the island of Evia and civil protection measures in Macedonia following the devastating storms over the weekend which resulted in eight fatalities and destroyed property and crops, according to an announcement made on Tuesday afternoon.

Civil Protection Secretary General Vassilis Papageorgiou stated that the areas under emergency measures include Chalkida and Dirfi-Messapies on the island of Evia, and the area of Lagadas in Thessaloniki’s metropolitan area.

These special designations, which will be in effect for six months in these regions, will allow for the nation’s “management of emergency needs and repercussions from the heavy rain and powerful winds they experienced from August 6 to 9,” according to the statement.

The communities of Anthidona, Stroponas and Agia Sofia on Evia, as well as Ardamerio  in Macedonia, are already under emergency status, the agency added.

With information from AMNA