Debris From Evia Floods Washes up on Attica Coastline

Debris from last weekend’s Evia floods covering beach in Attica. Greek Reporter Photo

The Attican shoreline at Dilesi and Oropos, just across from Eretria on the large island of Evia, has been turned into what looks like a landfill in the aftermath of the incredibly destructive floods which hit the island over the weekend.

The Evia floods killed eight people, destroyed 2,000 houses and caused incalculable damage to buildings and the infrastructure of the island, including road overpasses, cutting off all transportation between the northern and southern halves of the island. The currents from Evia have now carried tons of debris that was washed away in the floods and deposited it onto the coast of Attica.

Along with the flotsam and jetsam of every kind, the current initially brought with it the body of a 72-year-old man who had gone missing on Evia; he was counted as the eighth victim of the deadly summertime storm, dubbed Thalia.

The beaches of Dilesi and Oropos now appear as if they have been hit by a tsunami. Plastic bags and bottles, aluminum cans, pieces of driftwood — and even dead animals — now make the beaches resemble a landfill.

Residents of the area have been attempting to clean the beaches since Tuesday morning, but it is a gigantic effort to bring their lovely stretches of sand back to their pristine condition, and it will take days, if not weeks, to accomplish the task.