Covid-19: 230 New Cases and 3 More Deaths Reported in Greece

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Greece’s National Public Health Organization announced on Sunday, August 15, that 230 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported within the past 24 hours, as well as 3 deaths.

The statement was released in the midst of health authorities explaining how the country’s current total number of patients in Greece has reached 6,858 at a daily change of 3.5 percent, while also observing a considerable increase in the rate of infection of the virus.

Of the 230 new cases, 27 were discovered at the country’s border gates, following testing implemented by routine checks, as instructed by official health and safety protocols.

The NPHO also stated that 24 percent of cases (1,648) are considered to be related to travel from abroad, while 48 percent (3,292) are connected to already known cases.

Health officials also reported the death of 3 patients who had contracted the virus within the past 24 hours, bringing Greece’s current total of those having died of Covid-19 to 226.

In one case, an 82-year-old man from a nursing home in the small town of Asvestochori, passed away earlier today after being admitted to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki.

Employees at the hospital had previously treated 22 other patients from the same facility, with an investigation already underway following the order of the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s Office, to determine whether criminal charges should be filed there for the virus’s spread.

As Greece continues to struggle in containing the spread of Covid-19, both health officials and the government are on high alert to make sure that protocols are being implemented properly and that both residents and tourists are following social distancing guidelines.