Turkish Hackers Launch Cyberwar Against Greek Government Websites

Photo: Magnus916/Wikimedia commons

Suspected Turkish hackers attacked the website of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace on Tuesday, uploading a photo of the Turkish research vessel Oruç Reis which is currently sailing over the Greek continental shelf in the eastern Mediterranean.

The hackers posted the following message: “We have an army that loves death and martyrdom as much as you love the world #BlueHomeLand.”

The website of the the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace on Tuesday morning

The Blue Homeland, or Mavi Vatan, philosophy underlines the country’s expansionist energy policy and its search for gas reserves across a vast swath of the Mediterranean.

A few days ago, the website of the Greek Ministry of Labor was also attacked by the “RootAyyildiz” hackers group, who left a message saying on the ministry website that their attack is related to Turkey’s Oruç Reis research vessel.

“Every Attack You Make to Oruç Reis Will Have an Answer on the Internet,” the Turkish hackers’ message on the ministry’s website said.