Greece Announces 169 New Coronavirus Cases, One Death Amid Scattered Outbreaks

Passengers with facemasks boarding a bus in Athens. Credit: Greek Reporter.

Greek health officials announced 169 new coronavirus cases Tuesday, and one new death.

Of the new cases, just 15 were discovered through testing of visitors at Greece’s points of entry.

Currently, 42 patients are intubated and receiving treatment in Greek hospitals.

One of such patients is a 25-year-old man in Evangelismos Hospital in Athens. Reportedly, he went to the hospital just two days ago, on Sunday night, where his condition rapidly deteriorated, requiring intubation.

The total number of deaths of those who succumbed with the virus in Greece has reached 290.

Outbreak in Giannitsa

Officials are alarmed by an outbreak of Covid cases at a factory in Giannitsa, in Northern Greece. Currently, a total of 21 cases have been confirmed among workers in the factory.

According to Greek press reports, the number of cases may reach 35. The workers regularly travel to and from the factory by bus, increasing the chances of further spread of the virus outside of the factory.

Spread in Migrant Camps Around Greece

As many NGOs and activists had feared, the coronavirus has begun to spread among migrants and refugees in Greece’s many camps.

On Monday, nine cases of the virus were recorded in Moria, a migrant camp on Lesvos.

The new total of cases in the overcrowded camp reached 17 on Tuesday.

Officials conducted a total of 2,000 tests in the camp in order to identify cases and reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Many fear that overcrowding and poor conditions in Moria will lead to a quick and deadly spread of the virus among migrants.

Three other migrant camps, in Elaionas, Malakasa, and Schisto, were placed under lockdown until September 21st by the government after a total of six cases of the virus were discovered there.

Over 5,000 migrants and asylum seekers live in the camps in Elaionas, Malakasa, and Schisto.