Wildfire Rages in East Attica Town of Artemida, Evacuations Ordered

The fires in Keratea. Credit: AMNA

On Wednesday, a series of wildfires broke out around east Attica, forcing the evacuation of many towns in the region.

And yet another new wildfire is threatening east Attica’s seaside, including the town of Artemida. The fire is thought to have started in Rafina, a port town close to Artemida.

This particular fire is thought to have begun on Thursday afternoon.

A team of 65 firefighters, along with 15 specialty vehicles and three helicopters, is currently working to suppress the flames.

Officials have ordered evacuations of areas surrounding Artemida and Rafina to avoid any risk to human life.

The deadly combination of high temperatures and extremely strong winds has only increased the spread of wildfires throughout Attica.