Greek Doctor with Bruised Face Makes Passionate Plea: Please Wear a Mask!

Credit: Eleni Ischaki/Facebook

A Greek doctor made a passionate appeal through social media for people to wear a mask to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

As the number of patients at ICU’s throughout the country continues to increase, Eleni Ischaki posted a photo of her bruised face — which was caused by having to wear personal protection equipment for hours on end.

She reminded people that six months ago they were applauding all the health staff who were so diligently doing their duty, fighting day and night against the virus.

“You were calling us heroes back then. Now it’s your turn to become heroes and do your duty. Wearing a mask for a few hours a day will prevent a major disaster,” Ischaki says.

“Even if you do not believe in politicians, even if you do not believe what you read on the internet, trust what people on the front line are saying.

“The number of patients in ICU’s is increasing, while the number of available beds is decreasing. Many patients at  ICU’s were Covid-deniers… We still have the opportunity to reverse all this,” the Greek physician says.

Currently, 67 people are intubated in hospitals around the country. This number worries health officials, as intensive care units in Greek hospitals around the country are at 37.5% capacity — and 70% capacity in Athens. If the number of cases continues to rise, the possibility of hospitals becoming overwhelmed with intubated patients becomes more likely.

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Posted by Eleni Ischaki on Wednesday, September 16, 2020