PM Mitsotakis Says Greeks Have a Choice: “Self-Protection or Lockdown”

Credit: Greek Government

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Greeks on Thursday that they have a choice to make in the next days and weeks. Either they will adhere to the measures imposed to stem the spread of coronavirus, or they face a lockdown.

In a televised address, the Greek premier appealed to the public to wear masks and comply with health safety regulations so that stricter containment measures can be averted.

“The mask is our vaccination until we have a vaccination,” he said. He referred to studies showing that if one patient with the virus wears a mask, and comes in contact with a healthy person, who is also wearing a mask, the risk of transmission is extremely low.

If everyone protects themselves, he stated, there will be no lockdown in Greece.

He contended that schools should remain open, as “closed schools mean closed minds,” and warned that a second lockdown would have huge negative effects not only on the economy, but also on Greek society more broadly.

In response to images of crowds on public transport, Mitsotakis announced that there will be an additional 100 buses in Athens in two weeks time, and 400 by the end of the year, and more frequent routes.