Greece Braces for More Storms as Severe Weather Forecasted for This Weekend


Greece once again faces, just as it did last week, another weekend of severe weather, before the Ionian Islands and other regions of the country have even finished cleaning up the extensive damage caused by the Ianos weather system.

Meteo, the National Meteorological Service of the country, issued a new emergency warning today for the severe weather to affect the country starting on Friday night.

Greece’s General Secretariat for Civil Protection is on alert for problems which may occur as a result of the storm, and it is encouraging all citizens to take the appropriate precautions to avoid any possible damage or injury due to the storm.

Friday’s Extraordinary Weather Bulletin, or EDEK, says that two different Central Mediterranean systems will hit Greece over the next several days, causing falling temperatures and the creation of a new storm system.

The inclement weather will enter the country from the northwest, which will extend on Saturday to the entire western and northern regions of Greece. Heavy rain and thunderstorms, accompanied by winds of up to 8 on the Beaufort scale (34-40 knots) will occur throughout the affected areas.

Winds from the southwest, combined with weather disturbances from the Central Mediterranean, are responsible for the creation of the severe weather system.

The inclement weather will affect the rest of the Greek mainland and the North Aegean on Saturday, with a chance of hail from Friday through early Saturday in the Ionian and the western part of the country. Hail may also fall on Saturday in Thrace and the Northern Aegean.

The weather system will slowly dissipate throughout the weekend, from west to east.

The Ministry to Civil Protection urges all Greek citizens to secure all outdoor items and make sure rain gutters work before the storm hits.

Avoid crossing streams on foot or by vehicle once the rains begin to fall and for several hours after the storm appears over.

The Ministry also recommends that people avoid walking in coastal areas and engaging in outdoor activities for fear of lighting strikes. Do not walk under large trees, hanging signs or even under balconies, where large pots may fall as a result of the high winds.