Greek PM Addressing the UN: ‘Lets’ Give Diplomacy a Chance’

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressing the UN General Assembly on teleconference. Credit: Greek Government

“Let’s give diplomacy a chance,” said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday, in his address to the 75th United Nations General Assembly, referring to the upcoming exploratory talks with Turkey.

In his speech to the UN General Assembly held on teleconference due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Greek state leader focused on three major issues: the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, the immigration issue, and Turkey’s recent decision to have to dialogue with Greece after months of inflammatory rhetoric and provocative acts in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Referring to the coronavirus crisis, Mitsotakis praised the way the Greek people responded during the first wave of the pandemic and quoted a great Greek philosopher: “Aristotle wrote that ‘Nature has never done anything uselessly.’ In other words, nature forces us to innovate.”

The Greek PM urged the World to take preemptive action: “On climate change. On biodiversity. On global health. On tackling the root causes of migration. On development. Ultimately, the sustainability of humankind.”

Speaking of the diplomatic approach to solving differences with Turkey, Mitsotakis said: “I refuse to believe that partnership between near neighbors is not possible.”

“Let’s give diplomacy a chance. If, after all, we still cannot agree, then we should trust the wisdom of the international court at The Hague,” the Greek PM said.

On the migration issue, Mitsotakis said that, “Greece cannot manage this issue alone… Whilst our migrant numbers are down, our coastguard is still saving thousands of desperate men, women and children in the waters of the Mediterranean every year.

“This is a collective failure of the international community and we must all share the blame for that failure. That is why we must do more together to tackle the root causes of migration: poverty, deprivation, economic uncertainty, exploitation, violence and war.”

Greece's Stance on Turkey at the 75 UNGA

"So, let's meet, let's talk, and let's seek a mutually acceptable solution. Let’s give diplomacy a chance. If, after all, we still cannot agree, then we should trust the wisdom of the international court at The Hague. The beginning of exploratory talks between our two sides, which was announced two days ago, is a step in the right direction. If President Erdogan really believes the United Nations stands as a beacon of hope and a bastion of global co-operation, then I would urge him to act in accordance with its values." ~ Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis states Greece's official position on Turkey, during the 75th United Nations General Assembly.

Posted by Greek Reporter on Friday, September 25, 2020