Greece: 269 Coronavirus Cases, Four Deaths on Monday

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Greece announced that its health authorities had detected 269 cases of the coronavirus and that there had been four deaths associated with the virus on Monday.

Of today’s cases, 23 were linked to known outbreaks, and just 11 were discovered during the testing of travelers at Greece’s borders.

This brings the total number of cases in the country since the start of the pandemic to 17,707, including all those who have recovered. Of the total, 2,837 have been linked to travel outside of Greece, and 7,349 to contact with an already-confirmed case.

Currently, there are 73 intubated patients in Greek intensive care units, and their median age is 69. Just 17 of these individuals are women. The great majority of them, 87.7%, suffer from an underlying health condition or are over the age of 70.

Including the four deaths recorded on Monday, a total of 383 people have lost their lives with the virus in Greece. The majority of these victims were male, as 142 of those who died were women.

The median age of all those who have passed away with the virus is 78, and 96.6% of them were either over the age of 70 or had underlying health conditions.