Lufthansa Increases Number of Flights to Greece in 2021

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline and the second largest in Europe, has expanded its flight options for Greece in 2021.

The airline has announced that it will run more direct flights from Germany to the 14 airports in Greece operated by the German company Fraport, most of which are located on Greek islands.

According to data, the new flights to Greece will run three times a week, a number that could even increase further depending on customer demand. The new flights will begin in April and run until October.

Currently, Greece remains a top destination for German tourists despite the many problems posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and reportedly, this is the reason that Lufthansa has decided to boost the number of its flights to the Mediterranean country.

German tourists are also an integral piece of Greece’s economy, since the four million German tourists who visited the country in 2019 brought in about 3 billion euros (over 3.5 billion dollars) to the country. This is approximately 16.7% of all of Greece’s tourism earnings for that year.

The Greek tourism sector is encouraged by this news, according to Greek media reports, as the numbers from Germany are already looking positive for the eagerly-awaited next tourist season in Greece.

Officials in that all-important sector in Greece are hoping that the increase in flights will bring even more visitors from Germany in 2021, adding a much needed economic boost to an industry that has struggled mightily in the face of Covid-19 this year.