Greece and Turkey Agree on Mechanism to Avoid Eastern Med Accidents

Turkish vessel the Oruc Reis is escorted into Greek waters by five Turkish Navay vessels on Monday, August 10. Photo: Turkish Defense Ministry

According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, the countries of Greece and Turkey have now agreed upon a mechanism that would allow them to avoid any accidental incidents in the Eastern Mediterranean, like the one which occurred between a Greek Navy frigate and a Turkish Navy vessel this summer.

In a statement released just as a special EU Council Meeting convened in Brussels, the NATO chief added “I welcome the establishment of a military de-confliction mechanism, achieved through the constructive engagement of Greece and Turkey.”

Just last August, the Greek frigate “Limnos” and the Turkish naval vessel “Kemal Reis” collided in the Eastern Mediterranean after Turkey had sent its drilling vessel the Oruc Reis to the sea area between Crete and Cyprus.

It was later determined that the Turkish ship made a move across the bow of the Greek vessel, causing it to run into the Turkish ship.