Thessaloniki Flirts With Lockdown as Hundreds of Revelers Ignore Precautions

Young people gather at parks and squares in downtown Athens. File photo. Credit: Mark Mathews/Greek Reporter

Despite warnings by Greece’s health authorities that a lockdown could be imposed in Thessaloniki – the country’s second-largest city – due to the spread of the coronavirus, hundreds of young people seemingly have no intention of adhering to social distancing protocols.

Footage filmed on Saturday evening at two separate locations show hundreds of youth reveling at impromptu parties at the university campus and the main city square.

Authorities are expressing concern over the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases in Thessaloniki.

As early as last Monday there were only six new cases detected. But on Saturday, there were 78 new cases, prompting Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias to warn that the greater Thessaloniki area could join the Kozani and Ioannina regions in a lockdown.