Greek Among Sexiest Languages of the World, Study Finds

Greek Sexiest Language
Credit: Pikrepo

The Greek language is sexy! According to new research conducted by the e-learning platform Preply, which connects its users to tutors in over 27 languages, Greek is considered the fifth-sexiest language after Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian, which was rated the sexiest of all the world’s languages.

In the study, the heart rates of participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds were measured as they listened to flirtatious dialogue and pick-up lines in various languages.

According to the study’s findings, it was Italian that got most participants’ hearts racing — while Dutch, ranked the least sexy language of any on earth — had the exact opposite effect.

Linguist Aleksandra Stevanovic argues that languages with an even distribution of vowels and consonants in their words, such as Italian and Greek, sound more musical to our ears, and therefore more attractive.

Languages including Dutch and German, with a lexical repertoire containing many consonants stacked together, and not separated by vowels, are perceived more often as “clunky,” rather than sexy.

However, cultural ideas may color how we perceive languages — the stereotype of the Greeks and Italians as romantic and the French as sophisticated may certainly cause us to have a similar perception of their languages.

Stevanovic contends that anyone can have an alluring voice, regardless of whether or not you speak a “sexy” language and that lowering your pitch, speaking more slowly, and adding a husky element to your voice can make it more attractive.