Lockdown Extended as Greece Records 622 Intubations, 100 Deaths Thursday

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A record-breaking 622 Covid-19 patients are currently intubated in Greece, and 100 people with the virus passed away on Thursday. A total of 2,186 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed in Greece over the last 24-hour-period.

On Thursday, Greek government spokesperson Stelios Petsas announced that the country’s lockdown will be in effect until at least December 14. The strict anti-virus measure, put in place in early November, was originally supposed to end on December 1.

Petsas cited recent virus infection rates and the immense strain on Greece’s national health system as reasons for the extension of the lockdown.

At the moment, the number of coronavirus diagnoses since the start of the lockdown have not decreased at the rate previously expected by officials.

In order to best distribute the vaccine, over 1,000 vaccination centers will be set up around the country, Petsas further announced. All vaccinations will be voluntary and will be offered at no cost to the public.

In an attempt to revive the economy for the holiday season, the Ministry of Development and Investment announced that stores selling exclusively seasonal Christmas items would be allowed to open their doors starting Monday, December 7.

In total, 111,537 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Greece since the beginning of the pandemic, including all those who have recovered from the virus. Of this total, 4,958 are associated with foreign travel and 29,474 with contact with a known case.

Of the 622 intubated patients, 75.9% are over the age of 70 or suffer from preexisting conditions. Their median age is 65, and 177 of the patients are female. A total of 620 patients have been discharged from ICUs around the country.

The 100 new deaths recorded on Thursday bring the total number of fatalities in the country to 2,706. Of all those who lost their lives after suffering with the virus, a total of 1,085 have been female.

The median age of those who passed away with Covid-19 is 80, and 96.5% of them were over the age of 70 or suffered from underlying health issues.