Covid-19: 800 New Cases, 32 Deaths in Greece Saturday

Greek hospital treating COVID-19 patients
Credit: Greek government

A total of 800 new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed in Greece on Saturday, a slight increase compared to the 721 new cases recorded on Friday, according to Greek Health authorities.

Tragically, 32 people with the novel coronavirus died in the country over the past 24 hour period, which is 17 fewer than those recorded on Friday.

Currently, 362 patients are intubated in the country’s hospitals, suffering from the virus.

A large portion of the newly recorded cases were diagnosed in the areas surrounding Greece’s two largest urban centers — Athens and Thessaloniki.

On Friday, it was announced that Greece’s strict lockdown will be in effect for at least another week.

The national lockdown, in place since early November, had already been extended to Monday, January 11 earlier last week.