Greek Firefighters Save Trapped Dog in Well on Mykonos

Dog Mykonos
The unfortunate dog was saved by firefighters on Mykonos. Credit: and

Greek firefighters on the island of Mykonos saved the life of a dog, which had fallen in a deep well recently.

The incident took place in the area of Korfos on the popular Greek island of Mykonos.

Eight-Meter Deep Well

The lovely dog fell inside an 8-meter deep well full of water and got trapped.

A passer-by saw the unfortunate animal and called the Fire Service, which is responsible for similar incidents in Greece.

Four firefighters rushed to the scene with all the necessary equipment and managed to rescue the dog.

When the dog came to the surface, it began playing games with them, showing love and affection to its saviors!

The animal was so grateful for their life-saving service, that it even refused to leave the four men alone.