Greek Olympic Sailing Champion Dies of Covid-19

Greek olympic champion dies of Covid
Leonidas Pelekanakis. File photo

Greek Olympic sailing champion Leonidas Pelekanakis died of Covid-19 on Thursday, aged 58, after an almost two-month battle with the illness.

The athlete did not have any underlying health issues and had been taking part in open sea sailing events until October of 2020.

He had competed in the two-person keelboat (Star class) at the 1984, 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics, achieving 6th and two 11th positions, respectively.

Pelekanakis was born on November 2, 1962 in Piraeus.

Greece records 25 deaths on Wednesday

A total of 671 Covid-19 cases were diagnosed in Greece on Wednesday, which is 195 fewer than the 866 cases that were recorded in the country just one day earlier, on Tuesday.

Tragically, 25 people with the virus passed away in the country over the past 24 hour period, which is, however, two fewer than those recorded yesterday.

Currently, 340 patients with Covid-19 are now intubated in Greece, three more than those who were intubated in the country on Tuesday.

A large portion of Wednesday’s cases were diagnosed in the areas surrounding Greece’s two largest urban centers — Athens and Thessaloniki.

In Attica, home to the capital city of Athens, there were 271 cases, 62 of which were diagnosed in the center of Athens. A total of 69 new cases were recorded in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city.