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student in Ionian University, Department of foreign Languages and Translation.

Foreign Students Admission to Higher Education in Greece.

The Ministry of Education, Lifelong learning and Religion announced that from the 1st till the 12th of July 2010, anybody who comes under the...

Athens goes around the world through your own photos!

Athens has also her beautiful side… A really complimentary idea has[...]

Greece paralyzed by strikes!

The whole country and especially Athens, is strucked by strikes. Pireaus Port, faces numerous serious problems beacause of the PAME memebers, who make sailing...

Pictures of Siege in Pireaus Port- sailing with difficulties

Blocking still remains in Pireaus Port as the main entrance gates are being closed down by the strikers of "PAME" ( A Greek organization...

And the winner of Greek Idol 2010 is ….Valanto!

Valanto Trifonos is the winner of Greek Idol 2010! Valanto Trifonos also participated in the 2006 Cyprus national final. The show is hosted by legendary...