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Fragkiska Megaloudi is a former lecturer of Archaeology at the University of Western Australia. She holds a Phd in Anthropology from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Media Studies and Communication from the University of Leicester. In 2007 she joined the NGO Medecins du Monde where she worked for a year as Mission Coordinator in Amman Jordan. As an academic she has published one book and 25 scientific articles and has lectured in world recoginsed academic settings such as the Universities of Montreal and Concordia in Canada, Boston University in the US, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and the Center of Scientifc Research (CNRS) at Montpellier and Toulouse in France. In 2011 she decided to leave her academic career for the humatarian reporting. She first moved to Uganda where she worked as for an international NGO and got involved in local development projects.In 2012 she joined the humanitarian news service of the United Nations in Bangkok, IRIN Asia, researching and reporting on humanitarian issues from South and South East Asia. She has published numerous analysis and reports in a variety of topics including malnutrition, post disaster management, HIV, womens rights, poverty. She contributes as a free lance writer to some of the largest news media in Greece and her work has been reproduced and published in internationally recognized media. Visit Fran's personal blog: www.franmeg.blogspot.com

A Lethal Cocktail Made in Athens: Austerity and Addiction

On Iasonos Street in downtown Athens, a popular hangout for drug addicts, 27-year-old Michalis is looking for his dealer to buy his fix. Like most...

Strawberry Fields Forever: The Plight of Migrants in Greece

The recent shooting of Bangladeshi workers working at Strawberry fields in South Greece, after they demanded outstanding wages might have shocked the...
A drug addict in Athens

Crisis Changes Habits of Drug Addicts; Death Toll Rising in Greece

The dire economic situation is changing even the 'drug game' in Athens. The financial crisis  has forced more drug users into prostitution and more...
Gay people admit fear in Greece

After All, Homophobia is a Greek word!

The new reality of being gay in Greece today seems scary. Economic turmoil and a rise in national fervour has resulted in a spike in hate crimes against members of the gay community.
Illegal Immigrants in Greece

IRIN Report: Greece – “Not A Heaven for Immigrants”

Human rights groups have condemned recent police crackdowns in Greece on undocumented migrants, inhumane detention conditions, and hate crimes committed with impunity. The Greek authorities...

A Crisis of Democracy: Greece

Since the elections of May 6, Greece has been in all media headlines in Europe, with the focus being on the Greek left party...

Greek Society in a State of Limbo

Much has been said and written about the financial crisis in Greece and the devastating consequences it has had on people’s lives. Returning to...