A New Ancient Greek Drama a Long-Running Flop

The machinations between Prime Minister George Papandreou, a Socialist whose two years in office[...]

Papandreou to Step Down-New PM and Government to Be Announced Today

After backtracking numerous times and repeatdely sending out conflicting signals about[...]

Papandreou Survives Confidence Vote, Coalition Looms

ATHENS – After delivering the speech of his life with a plea for divided Greeks to rally round the flag and keep international aid coming, Prime Minister George Papandreou was given a vote of confidence[...]

Papandreou Scraps Bailout Referendum, Seeks Coalition Government

ATHENS – Faced with defections by his Finance Minister, Cabinet official and Members of Parliament of his ruling PASOK Socialist party, Prime Minister George Papandreou has quickly withdrawn his plans[...]

IN or OUT the Euro-zone? Referendum on Dec.4

CANNES, France -  French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel appeared together in front of the journalists and announced that the Greek referendum will take...

Papandreou’s Referendum Call Rattles Markets, Threatens Bailout

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s surprise announcement will ask voters to decide the fate of international bailout loans and his wobbly Administration through a...

Thessaloniki: Parade Got Gancelled-President of Greek Democracy Forced To leave

Carolos Papoulias, President of the Greek Democracy was forced to leave from the parade celebrating[...]

After the Haircut, What Next for Greece?

The signs are all there that investors have really given up on Greece: analysts no longer say “if” when[...]

The Newest Greek Odyssey: Living in Strikeland

State schools closed, hospitals running only on emergency staff, trash piling up, trains halted, metro and cabbies on strike, tax offices closed, customs officers walking out of their jobs, airlines grounded[...]

Greek Surtax Doubles, Tax Inspectors Set to Strike

A relentless wave of tax increases hasn't provided enough revenue to plug a deep hole in public finances, so a new supposed one-time “solidarity” surtax on income paid by Greeks will continue next year[...]

Greek Crisis Out Of Control: Primary School Pupils Faint from Starvation

“Our pupils faint due to starvation. We see our pupils coming to school with holes in their shoes. They don’t even have money to buy food from the school canteen[...]

Korres: During Tough Times Companies Still Thrive in Greece

While Greek economy makes negative headlines globally, some Greek companies are still strong and are not only growing during this crisis, but are inventing...