Greece’s Next Plan: Pay You Back in 100 Years

ATHENS - Struggling to pay back international investors who are demanding – and getting – usurious interest rates nearing 70 percent for two-bonds, Greece...

Top Ten Questions and Answers on Greek Property Tax Nightmare

Greek government’s inability to reach fiscal goals set by the EU and the IMF led Mr. Venizelos to prescribe, once more, a fast relief...

Venizelos’ Tax Shift Causes Confusion Over Receipts

ATHENS – Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, who has levied a series of taxes and penalties on workers, pensioners and the poor, said taxpayers will...

As Greeks Rage, Merkel Says Germany Backs a “Strong Greece”

ATHENS – As Prime Minister George Papandreou’s PASOK Socialist Members of Parliament unanimously supported an emergency property tax as part of crushing new austerity...

Greek Parliament Passed Property Tax Amid Protests

Amid continuous fiery anti-austerity protests right outside the parliament, Greek lawmakers voted in favor of the new property tax, with 154 out of 300 votes[...]

Papandreou: Greece Will Deliver On All Its Pledges

Prime Minister George Papandreou said he can "guarantee" that Greece will deliver on all the austerity pledges made for its first EUR110 billion rescue program, and reaffirmed that the country will reach[...]
Destination Nowhere Immigrant Series

Destination Nowhere: A Special Series on Greece’s Immigration Problem

Few recent immigrants intend to stay in Greece but most are trapped in the country either due to a lack of money or because of the difficulty in reaching other European destinations.

IMF Chief Lagarde Says Patience Thin on Greece

As inspectors for international lenders returned to Athens to determine whether to release an $11 billion loan installment needed to keep the country from going bust, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said investors are weary of helping Greece. “If the Greeks do not want our advice[...]

Venizelos Says Greece “Scapegoat” But Will Survive Crisis

With the economic world holding its breath over fears that Greece will default, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos told an international audience of bankers in Washington, D.C. that his country[...]

Bad News for Banks: Greece May Not Pay Them

As Greece daily steps closer to defaulting on its loans, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has[...]

European “Union”: Goodnight and Good Luck, Greece

"You either keep your word and push the mid-term program immediately or you will not be given the next trench", said Troika officials to George Papandreou and Evangelos Venizelos. Surely it must[...]

Troika Back in Athens Next Week

The teleconference between Evangelos Venizelos and troika officials came to end around 11 o'clock[...]