Greek Scientists Conduct Trials to Find Olive Oil Cancer Cure

When Athan Gadanidis was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October of 2018, he took part in a pilot study at the University of Athens...

Euro Working Group Head Blames Politicians for Greek Crisis, Supports Debt Relief

In an interview with the Athens News Agency, Austrian economist and outgoing chief of the Eurogroup Working Group (EWG) Thomas Wieser blames Greek politicians for...

Nicholas Logothetis: “Concordia Europe Aims to Boost Greece Worldwide”

Seven years ago Nicholas Logothetis, together with his high-school friend Matthew Swift, decided to launch an organization to facilitate public and private partnerships for...

Greek Woman’s Marriage Turned to ‘Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert’

It was in the 80's when a beautiful young Greek girl decided not to lead an ordinary life. She was in France studying in...

Exclusive Interview with Jazz Musicians Maria João and Mario Laginha

What could the financial crisis bring to a small Greek city? “Unity and action,” answers Maria João, who told Greek Reporter with great excitement...

New York College: One of the Best Greece Has to Offer

With Greek universities locked in interminable gridlock over reforms, and some UK colleges set to triple tuition, the Athens-based New York College seems set to pick up even more students.

Charis Tsevis: The Greek Mastermind Behind The Iconic Steve Jobs Mosaics

Meet Charis Tsevis, the mosaics guru behind the iconic Steve Jobs portraits. From the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times, to Fortune, and the Sunday Times, Tsevis' mosaics fascinate audiences worldwide.

What Do the Greek Protesters in Syntagma Really Want?

In the country that gave birth to Democracy why would its people protest for 30 days against a legally voted government, especially since these people may have voted for it? We went to Syntagma square, met them and found out the answers.

Exclusive Interview: Steve Forbes Discusses Greek Economy and Offers Solutions

"Europe and the Greek Government discuss do we break the arm or we break the leg" (of Greece) says Steve Forbes in an exclusive interview from Athens. Flat tax rate vital for the country.