Rockers Have Always Been In Love With Greece

Greece has been popular among legends of rock music since the 60's. The land of the sun and the blue sea seems to have...

Greek Carnival: A Time for Fun

The various carnival traditions and customs around Greece are an excellent opportunity to visit towns and places you would otherwise pass by. This is...

Open-Air Cinemas: Breath of Night Life in Athens

If you find yourself stuck in Athens during this hot July, don’t despair. Athens is full of fun and fulfillment even amidst the summer...

Greece and Cyprus Pass to Eurovision Final (Video)

Eleftheria Eleftheriou and Ivi Adamou (photo) will both be at the Eurovison 2012 final. The singers, who represent Greece and Cyprus respectively, amazed the...

Changes in the Greek Fashion World Make Designers Flee Greece

Designers in Greece are slowly feeling their motherland in hopes of finding work abroad. Designers and models are moving in countries such as Germany, Turkey and other parts of Europe to find work[...]

“God Loves Caviar” Cast Shoots in Greece

Filming for the new film of Iannis Smaragdis has already begun in Greece and is planned to continue in St. Petersburg, Russia in January 2012, before the film is set to appear on screen by October 2012[...]

Greek Warrior Queen of the 21st Century

The Amazons in Ancient Greece were women who fought like men. They were a nation of all female[...]

5 Must-See Plays For August

Epidaurus is not the only place to see great theatrical plays in Greece. Whether you are relaxing in Cyclades or Trikala, August in Greece is interwoven...

13th Athens Fashion Week Opens at Technopolis

Attracting thousands of visitors, the international [...]

Greek Eurovision Song Contest Finals to be Held on the 2nd of March

Greek Eurovision Song Contest Finals will be held on Wednesday[...]

12th Athens Fashion Week Presenting Spring-Summer 2011 Collections

Attracting thousands of visitors, the international press and celebrities[...]