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Greece, a nation closely related to the sea since Ancient times

Why Greeks Traditionally Decorate a Boat Instead of a Christmas Tree

Naxos Beach. To Karavaki The most traditional symbol you will find in Greece during the holidays is a small boat decorated with lights, usually placed in...
Christmas traditions in Greece

Five Christmas Traditions Unique to Greece

  In current days and mostly in big cities, Christmas in Greece very much resembles the holiday celebrations from other areas in the world. Massive...

Traditional Christmas Fires Lit in Northern Greece

Every year on December 23 in Florina, Greece, thirty five fires are lit as part of an ancient custom. The largest fire is lit...

A Guide to Greek Christmas

Greece may be best known for its Easter holidays with the spring flowers and red eggs rather than its Christmas tradition, but it sure has...

Low Budget Christmas Celebrations in Athens Due to Debt Crisis

City of Athens Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis opened on Friday the municipality's Christmas and New Year[...]