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Bougatsa Traditional dish from Chania, Crete

The Sweet History of the Oldest Bougatsa Shop in Chania

In Chania, the famous Iordanis has been baking fresh Bougatsa - the Greek sweet filo pastry - since 1922.

Demis Roussos’ Bitterness for his Beloved Greece

Demis Roussos, who died yesterday morning at the age of 68, was an internationally acclaimed singer who always kept Greece in his heart and...

Finest Greek Restaurants Crete Has to Offer

Many things are being said about the much acclaimed Mediterranean diet and the beneficial effects the local Greek cuisine can have on health and...

Second Local Products Festival in Sitia

The 2nd Festival, Local Products: Nutritional and Curative Properties,  opens its doors and welcomes the audience in Sitia, Crete, from September 20 to 22. The...

Crete Celebrates World Tourism Day With Free Entrance to Archaeological Sites

World Tourism Day takes place annually on 27 September and this year is to be celebrated in Crete’s capital, Heraklion with a series of...