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Ongoing Fire in Crete

A fire broke out at 2:30 in Sirikari, in the municipality of Kissamos, Crete. Ten vehicles of the fire brigade are attempting to extinguish...

Child Porn Ring Exposed in Crete

The Greek Police e-crime Unit arrived on the 6th of September in Crete after tracking down through electronic trails a child pornography ring located...

Colonel Gadhafi’s Greek Ties

Almost thirty years ago, Gadhafi along with Mitterrand, was enjoying Cretan hospitality in Andrea Papandreou’s favorite resort in Elounda. But times change and it is from the same island, with the full support of Andreas Papandreou’s son, that NATO has brought the Colonel to his limits.

Cretan Cosa Nostra Hits Again

A police raid in the lawless mini-republic of Zoniana ends yet again in a fiasco. One cop wounded, another one slapped, and orchards of...

Survival Guide for Big Fat (Expensive) Cretan Weddings

Amid the Greek crisis, the salary cuts and the tax invasion, you would think that weddings in Greece[...]