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August is Ideal Time to Visit Athens

It is a longstanding tradition for most Greeks to take their annual vacation around Assumption Day, on August 15. Apart from the tourists, the Greek...

Watch Euripides Laskaridis’ ‘Relic’ Performing at BIOS in Athens

After a successful and much-discussed European tour taking in 18 international festivals and 10 European countries, the irreverent solo dance performance "Relic" by Euripides...

Greeks are too Poor for Culture and Entertainment

Forget plate-breaking and showering bouzouki singers with trays of flowers, the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) released figures on Greek participation in culture and entertainment...

The Complete (Greek) Guide to Travel in Istanbul

Istanbul is a great city to experience, but for Greeks it has a special meaning as the Byzantine and Greek foundations of what was once the known world’s largest metropolis can be seen everywhere.