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Greece Gets it Loan, but Worries Mount Faster

ATHENS – After weeks of anguish, Greeks found out that international lenders providing the country with a series of bailout loans will release a...

Greek Statistics Chief: “I’m Being Prosecuted for Not Cooking the Books”

ATHENS – Greek Statistics Chief Andreas Georgiou, an American-trained economist and former chief of numbers for the International Monetary Fund brought in last year...

Turkey Offers to Open Ports, Airports to Cyprus – if EU Reciprocates

Only a few days after Turkish President Abdullah Gul called the Greek part of Cyprus “half a country” and said his country will not...

Papademos Pushes for Broader Parliamentary Support

ATHENS – Interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos, in a bid to keep together a fractious coalition and get other splinter parties to support a...

Greece: Where the Poor Have Yachts and Helicopters

Even as the Greek Finance Ministry failed to meet yet another vow to release the names of individual[...]

No Power Cut-Offs for Property Tax Bill Non-Payments

After growing outrage at a so-called “emergency” property tax that was put into electric bills under the threat of having power turned off, wages garnished or properties seized for non-payment, the[...]

Samaras Splits New Democracy Over EU Letter

A letter sent to European Union officials by New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras pledging his[...]

Report: Troika Backs Down to Samaras, No Signatures Needed

Reversing itself after insisting that leaders of Greece’s new coalition government would have to sign[...]

Venizelos Unveils Rosy 2012 Budget Draft

ATHENS – As Greece continues to teeter on the edge of bankruptcy and is surviving on a series of international loans, Finance Minister Evangelos...

Nov. 17: Get Ready for a Different Kind of Uprising

On Friday night, Nov. 16, 1973, police started facing off against protesters inside and outside the Athens[...]

Samaras Expels Chatzigakis Over Far-Right Comments

ND leader Antonis Samaras showed the door earlier today to one of  ND's oldest members, Sotiris Chatzigakis. Chatzigakis said earlier today that  "There are...

So Much for Unity – Samaras Won’t Sign Troika Deal

ATHENS – Just a few days after Greece got a coalition government charged with pushing through more austerity measures to get a second bailout...