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Doryphoros was regarded as the ideal Greek man in Ancient Greece

Survival Guide: 10 Ways to Woo a Greek Man

Wooing a Greek man can take time and effort but if you are willing to go the distance, your rewards will be greater than King Midas’ stash of gold. Here's 10 ways to make sure your Greek male companion is happy!

To Change or Not to Change? A Greek Take on Women’s Names After Marriage

Kate Winslet defended her decision not to change her surname to that of her third husband; Emma Watson tweeted that Hermione Granger would almost...

Greek Man Arrested, Police Confiscate Inscribed 3rd Century BC Funerary Stele

A 30-year-old Greek man was arrested at Istiea, northern Evia, on Thursday for illegal possession of antiquities. Greek Police confiscated a marble funerary stele (70...