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Professor of Classics Katerina Zachariavideo

Greece vs Hellas: The Semantics Behind the Country with Many Names

Watch the first episode of an exclusive interview series with Classics professor Katerina Zacharia on Hellenism and the semantics behind the different names Greece (or Hellas) has had throughout its history.

Origins of Greek Ethnonyms

There are different theories about the etymology of the words Hellenes, Hellas, Graikos and Romios that come in question until today. According to Greek mythology,...

Greece Beats Turkey 84-61 in EuroBasket

Despite that the Greek team was deprived from its virtuoso playmaker, Vassilis Spanoulis, Greece hammered Turkey 84-61 in Slovenia and qualified to the next round of...

American Photographer Abranowicz in Ioannina

American photographer William Abranowicz has been invited to participate in the art festival Fotometria that will take place in Ioannina, the largest city of...