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Hellenist Author, Journalist Bruce Clark on the Inner Self-Confidence of Greeks

Born in Northern Ireland, Hellenist author, journalist and lecturer Bruce Clark has a long association and a deep understanding of Greece from ancient times...
Professor of Classics Katerina Zachariavideo

Greece vs Hellas: The Semantics Behind the Country with Many Names

Watch the first episode of an exclusive interview series with Classics professor Katerina Zacharia on Hellenism and the semantics behind the different names Greece (or Hellas) has had throughout its history.

The Decline of Hellenism

It is puzzling and often wondered why the Hellenic nation failed to propel forward like other nations? Why did they simply choose to exist...

Samaras Says Greece Stands With Cyprus

With Cypriots facing an unprecedented confiscation of part of their savings accounts to help pay for an international bailout from the same lenders that...