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Greek Bishop Amvrosios Found Guilty of Homophobia and Hatred

Amvrosios, the Greek-Orthodox bishop of Kalavryta, was found guilty of abuse of ecclesiastical office and incitement to hatred  by a court in Aigio on Monday. The...

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Replies to MP’s Homophobic Insults

A tweet by Independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos mocking Luxembourg Democratic Party Prime Minister Xavier Bettel’s decision to take advantage of his country’s “gay marriage”...

AirFast Gay-Themed Ad Upsets Many

An advertisement for the on-line travel ticketing company AirFastTickets showing a young male hitchhiker being picked up by a truck driver who makes suggestive...
Gay people admit fear in Greece

After All, Homophobia is a Greek word!

The new reality of being gay in Greece today seems scary. Economic turmoil and a rise in national fervour has resulted in a spike in hate crimes against members of the gay community.

Former Cyprus FinMin Sarris Released on Bail

Former Finance Minister of the Republic of Cyprus Michalis Sarris was released on bail yesterday, after paying ca. €47,000 to the court of the...