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Opus Elgin Opera to Bring Light to Return of Parthenon Marbles

"Opus Elgin: The Destruction of the Parthenon," the opera's world premiere, will take place at Athens Concert Hall, Megaron Mousikis, May 29. This opera...

Armed Robbery at Ancient Olympia Museum; Minister Quits

Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos resigned on Friday after masked armed robbers stole more than 60 ancient objects of "incalculable" value from a museum...

New Austerity Cuts Bring Fire and Looting to Athens

Fire, rage and looting were widespread all around downtown Athens on Sunday evening, while the Greek Parliament was voting on a new package of...

What Lies Beneath The Hoodie: London 2011 vs. Athens 2008

August 2011: as a result of a police fatal shooting, disaffected hooded youth burn[...]