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What Will Happen Now to Hagia Sophia’s Byzantine Mosaics?

Following Turkey's decision to annul the 1934 conversion of Constantinople’s Hagia Sophia into a museum, paving the way for its reconversion into a mosque,...

German Tourist Returns Ancient Mosaics Taken from Greece in the 1960s

Fragments of three floor mosaics removed from archaeological sites in the 1960s were returned to Greece on October 10, the culture and sports ministry...

Looted Cyprus Mosaics Discovered

Priceless mosaics looted from a church in Cyprus and missing for decades have been found, according to a foundation which campaigns against art theft. A...

Charis Tsevis: The Greek Mastermind Behind The Iconic Steve Jobs Mosaics

Meet Charis Tsevis, the mosaics guru behind the iconic Steve Jobs portraits. From the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times, to Fortune, and the Sunday Times, Tsevis' mosaics fascinate audiences worldwide.