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Greek Man from Crete Becomes College Freshman at 84

Dimitris Moudatsakis, at the age of 84, finally fulfilled his lifelong dream by enrolling in university to study History, as life did not allow...

Age No Problem for 84-Year-Old Cretan Going to Greek University

Dimitris Moudatsakis is another person that proves it is never too late to follow your dreams; at the age of 84 he is ready...

Many Elementary School Vacancies in Crete

Vacancies in elementary schools on the island of Crete have been recorded in a letter sent by the Higher Regional Primary Education Service Council...

News from Finds at the Minoan Palace of Zakros

Minoan civilisation, and Zakros Palace in particular, are the focus of the 11th International Cretological Congress on October 21-27 in Rethymnon, one of the three big cities[...]